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My Commitment to You:

I am a senior securities lawyer and only recently started my own law firm, BAX Securities Law, specializing in the securities law area.  I have worked in a number of “law jobs” over my career including at the Ontario Securities Commission, a large national law firm and an international law firm but working in my own law firm has made me keenly aware of the role of the Law Society in regulating our profession and the need for change.  

Lawyers wherever situated and whatever their practices have to adapt to the changing legal landscape including the need to change the way we conduct the “business” of law.  Our overarching challenge is to maintain our value and function in Canadian society as the primary provider of legal services.  Our Law Society’s role in meeting this challenge is to support lawyers in a way that both meets its public interest mandate and serves the profession.

Highlights of My Platform:

Accessible CPD – LSUC should be a provider of low cost CPD programs for the profession. It should also develop more programs that are directed at lawyers who are practicing on their own or in small firms especially new lawyers.

Professional Liability Insurance – The current limits are insufficient and we need policies underwritten that are tailored to our practices.

Small Law Firms and Sole Practitioners – LSUC needs to develop a range of programs and practice aids and support for the sole practitioner and small firms.

Assessments of Legal Bills – The current system for assessing legal bills is broken. Lawyers and our clients need access to a fair, open and timely system for dealing with the payment of our fees.

LSUC to Regulate Firms not Just Individual Lawyers – The LSUC needs to take the lead in dealing with systemic and individual discrimination in our profession. If the LSUC has to power to regulate law firms as well as other employers of lawyers we may finally be able to make a difference.

Retirement Program for Lawyers – The LSUC should investigate options for retirement programs for its members.

Parental Leave Assistance Program – The LSUC should investigate options for a parental leave program jointly funded by participants and the LSUC which is available to both men and women.

Access to Justice – Let’s put the “aid” back in legal aid – we need more government funding full stop. I support the unionization of lawyers participating in legal aid programs.

Alternative Business Structures – We require more flexibility on how we structure our businesses whether we are sole practitioners or Bay Street law firms. One size will not fit all and there may be different solutions for different law firms.

We require a radical rethink of all aspects of our regulation and we need Benchers who have the tools and courage to implement the needed changes. I believe that I can be one of those Benchers.

I would be honored to have your support in the upcoming Bencher election.  

BAX Securities Law is one of Canada’s leading corporate securities law firms. 

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