Climate Change & Emissions Trading

Next year, 2021 promises to be an important year for sustainability initiatives and the increased prominence of climate change related issues in financing and risk disclosure for both public and private companies. BAX is uniquely positioned to assist small and mid-cap issuers, funds, institutional investors and investment professionals who are:

• raising capital in the Canadian markets either publicly or privately to adequately reflect climate change risks and opportunities in their offering documents,

• trading carbon credits/ carbon-based derivatives for investment or compliance purposes with advice on Canadian dealer, portfolio manager, investment fund manager, and exempt market dealer registration requirements as well as commodities, derivatives and marketplace rules respecting carbon products.

Our Founder Barbara Hendrickson, a recognized senior climate change lawyer, was ranked by Law Day Leading Practitioners as one of the top 10 environmental finance lawyers in Canada. Barbara, whose experience in this area spans nearly twenty years has in depth understanding of emissions trading transactions and systems, offset projects, corporate governance and public & private company disclosure of risks related to climate change. Barbara is a past member of the Canadian federal Stakeholder Advisory Committee on the Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, and a past member of the University of Toronto’s Environmental Finance Committee and Responsible Investing Committee.

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