BAX Securities Law is pleased to announce that Barbara Hendrickson has been appointed to BCSC Fintech Advisory Forum for a two year term. The Forum is made up of financial technology (fintech) industry professionals and experts. The Forum advises BCSC staff on fintech trends and developments, including opportunities and risks, and provide input on fintech issues in the securities industry and securities law issues affecting fintech. The Forum is chaired by the BCSC’s Fintech & Innovation Team (FIT), formerly known as the Tech Team.

The Forum members will consider a number of issues facing the regulation of the Fintech industry including in the following areas:

• distributed ledger technology (DLT)/blockchain (including crypto-assets and/or trading platforms);

• artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML);

• investment services platforms (including crowdfunding platforms and online advisors);

• data analytics and/or big data;

• regulatory technology/supervisory technology;

• systemic risk;

• access to capital;

• global fintech trends and developments;

• innovator functions (such as incubators, research & development programs, labs/academics, and fintech industry groups); and

• marketplaces/ exchanges developing blockchain clearing platforms and other large-scale fintech initiatives.

For more information, please call Barbara Hendrickson at BAX Securities Law (647) 403-4606. This publication is not intended to constitute legal advice. No one should act on it or refrain from acting on it without consulting with a lawyer. BAX does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or currency or completeness of the publication.  No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior written permission of BAX Securities Law.