The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have published 2022-2025 CSA Business Plan (The Business Plan).

The Business Plan, approved on June 9, 2022, sets out the priorities that the CSA has committed to pursue collaboratively over the next three years. The priorities adapted by the CSA consist of six Strategic Goals:

  1. Strengthen the capital markets regulatory system;
  2. Optimize investors’ ability to contribute to policymaking and expand investor education outreach;
  3. Improve investor protection by enhancing investors’ ability to obtain redress and strengthening the advisor-client relationship;
  4. Address emerging market issues and trends;
  5. Deliver smart and responsive regulation protecting investors while reducing regulatory burden; and,
  6. Promote integrity and financial stability through effective market oversight.

While the CSA will focus on the above initiatives, it remains strongly committed to other regulatory projects and ongoing initiatives dealing with the improvement of its internal processes and the maintenance of an efficient and seamless relationship among all Canadian securities regulators as well as with federal and foreign regulatory agencies. It will also continue to monitor the international situation for ongoing developments.

The complete 2022-2025 CSA Business Plan can be downloaded from the CSA’s website.

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