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Companies can raise funds from investors by “going public. ̋ “Going public” means offering equity securities to the public. A distribution of securities must be qualified by a prospectus that is approved by the relevant securities regulators, unless an exemption applies. Different listing requirements apply to companies in different industries. ”. Read the full article here.

如何筹集资金? — 在加拿大“上市”

撰文: 曹静怡律师 | 2018-02-05

为向投资者筹集资金, 公司可以安排 证券“上市”。上市”是指向公众提供股票证券。 除非經法規豁免,经相关证券监管机构批准的招股说明书是证券發行的必备部分。申請上市的公司需符合該行業的上市要求。阅读全文: