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The Investment Canada Act regulates non-Canadian investments in Canadian businesses, including reviewing significant non-Canadian investments in Canada in order to ensure net benefit to Canada and reviewing and blocking foreign investments that may be injurious to national security. Read the full article here

撰文: 曹静怡律师 | 2018-01-29
非加拿大人在加拿大的企业投资行为要受到 Investment Canada Act《加拿大投资法》的规管。该法案规定:加拿大政府需审核非加拿大人在加拿大进行的大型投资,以确保其不会妨碍加拿大的“整体利益”。此外,政府还会审核并阻止任何可能“危害加拿大国家安全”的投资。阅读全文